NIVATA - Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

Our AI - Nivata is an Artificial Super Intelligence being developed considering the current threats and prevailing instability. NIVATA is being trained with reasoning skills, perfectly defined rules and continuously evolves with a set of strong frozen rules.

NIVATA enabled with a computer vision can deeply analyze photos, videos and real time surviellance. NIVATA is going to be a major component of defence and security by bringing significant transformations in War management system.

  • Can be embedded to all autonomous combat machines.
  • Provide improved effectiveness and speed of operation.
  • Analyse immense amount of surveillance data.
  • Take instructions and work in sync with team of people and other systems.

In present times, Technology is the Hidden weapon. Our intelligent machine NIVATA will have a major role not only in combating and safeguarding the borders, but also in upholding Laws within the country and managing the natural resources. It is being developed to guide the combat teams during battle.

Apart from Co-ordinated combat operations and war intelligence, Our intelligent Machine 'NIVATA' is extensively being trained for/to be

  • Ethics and Safety to Humans
  • Logicial Thinking
  • Ability to learn things
  • Decision Making
  • Deep Analysis Of Human Voices
  • Read Lips and Human Expressions
  • Recognise and Identify Emotions
  • Being Smart, Collaborative and Socially Intelligent
  • Predict threats through massive Data Analysis
  • Understand Humour
  • Play Intellectual Games
And yes, we are making great progress.