Remote / Tele - Operated Combat Vehicle

SOORAN is an Unmanned Tele-Operated Combat Vehicle Mounted with Gun turret.

This can be operated in three Modes :

  • 1. Tele-operation
  • 2. RF/Local Control Station
  • 3. Autonomous Mode - Powered by Our Artificial Intelligence NIVATA


A Four Wheel Drive All-terrain Vehicle with 500 CC petrol Engine, Mounted with Turret, with provision to mount M249 Grade and above grade Equivalent guns.

Remotely operated from a Teleoperation Station using VSAT/4G network, a beautifully designed console with highly sophisticated software, the system feels a bit like a video game. Gunners can control the SOORAN using a Steering and joystick while watching the screens, which features a digital crosshair for aiming and a Dashboard with all necessary information required to drive a car.

SOORAN is equipped with Long Range cameras, high end processors, Sensors, power backup, built-in Generator and On board Computer. This advanced engineering of Vehicle and Tele-operation console enables to take down targets with high accuracy and precision.

Gunners can aim and control the SOORAN remotely sitting in a Tele-operation Console. The Gun Turret is capable of 360-degree rotation and −30 to +70 degree elevation and is gyro-stabilized.

The Tele-operated console still gives a panoramic front and rear view in a 23 inch display and a complete 360-degree view by traversing the turret.

The joystick and switches provide full control of weapon system with high accuracy.

Our Artificial Intelligence NIVATA plays a major role in providing Tracking capability, easily pick out targets, Image processing, shoot on the move capability, etc., and completely enables SOORAN to be stable on the targets even on rough terrains.

The NIVATA provides an option for autonomous operation to SOORAN with limitations to take up routine tasks, emergency engagements and border surveillance.

SOORAN being an intelligent war machine is going to be a breakthrough on improving the accuracy of how we fight.

No need to lose our Soldiers in protecting the borders. Not anymore.. Now our brothers fighting for us will safely be back home at the end of their deployment.

Technical Specifications

Vehicle Systems
Processors : JETSON Nano
Controllers : Automative Controller for Servo Drive
Communications : CAN
Battery : Lithium Ion 48V
Built-In Generator : 1KVA 750W Petrol
Motors : Hybrid DC Servo
Rugged Onboard Computer : I7, Rog Maximus X1 HERO, 2TB SSD, GT 710 NVIDIA
Softwares : Python ML, Embedded C
OS : Linux
Teleoperation Station
Steering Wheel : Realistic 11"/28 cm wheel, embedded software Touch Sense technology
Accelerator & Brake Pedal : Wide foot rest, Brake pedal with progressive resistance
Joystick : 3 axis and 4 buttons plus I trigger for complete control, non-slip rubber pads for perfect stability
Structure & Frame : Powder coated Metal fabricated, Sturdy and easy to assemble
Monitors : 23 inch LED Screen
Power Backup : I KVA 800W UPS
System & Mother Board : 15-9600, Rog Maximus XI HERO, 2TB SSD, GT 710 NVIDIA
Softwares : React JS, Python, Javascript, Mysql
Server : Dedicated Server
Other Accessories : Safety Key, Indicators, Maintenance rack, Keyboard, Mouse
Seat : Adjustable Luxury driving seat
Admin Panel : Secured Login, Reports, live recording, Map view, 56 Cross way reports
Engine Type : Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, 4-Valve
Engine Displacement : 495 CC
Fuel System : Electronic Fuel Injection
Max Power Output : 38 HO @ 6800 RPM
Cooling System : Liquid Cooled
Transmission : Automatic
Wheels, Suspensions and Brakes
Wheels : 12" Cast Aluminium Alloy
Wheelbase : 50.7"
Suspension : Double A-ARM Independent F/R
Brakes : Hydraulic
Dimensions and Weight
Length : 2100 MM
Width : 1135 MM
Height with turret : 1500 MM
Height without turret : 935 MM
Ground Clearance : 10.8"
Weight Without Turret : 590 Kgs
Tilt Axis : 360 Degree Rotation
Pan : -30 to +70 degree elevation